Well-being for Tenure Trackers

The corona crisis continues and has an impact on how you can do your job. The impact is also significant on tenure trackers. Conducting research has become more difficult and working from home is not easy for everyone. In combination with the extra burden in education, this can be a source of stress and uncertainty.

Measures have already been published for tenure trackers in which it was stated that any lower than normal teaching evaluations will not be included in the final assessment, and that employees who have had less time or opportunities for their research can submit a request for postponement of assessment. The Faculty Board is now introducing additional provisions.


In the research criterion "publications", one R&R (revise & resubmit) can count for the calculation of publication points. An R&R indicates that an important part of the work has been done and that the article is likely to be published. You will receive the same points for that R&R as for an accepted publication in the same journal. It does not matter in which round the R&R is. The R&R does not count for future calculation of research time after tenure has been obtained.
When assessing the tenure file, the portfolio is explicitly assessed as a whole. With regard to individual aspects, "comply or explain" applies. Excellent performance on certain criteria, such as extra efforts to provide good education during the corona crisis, must also be taken into account.
The possibility remains to move the moment of assessment backwards in the sixth year, but without the possibility to have an R&R count towards the necessary publication points.