Prof. Marleen Huysman at NRC Live about the Robot-economy

On October 12th professor Marleen Huysman will join the NRCLive event on the Robot-economy. She will share her research, insights, and ideas on robots and the future of work.

09/25/2018 | 10:00 AM

In an interview with NRC Marleen explained how robots are changing the way we work and collaborate. During this live event from NRC she will share more of her insights and will join the discussion on how we can positively shape the future of work.

About the NRCLive event:

Join the Robot-economy!
Robots and artificial intelligence are changing all areas of work. How do you join the robot-economy and how can you benefit from the chances for your organization? Learn how frontrunners can help people and smart machines to collaborate and become inspired by their lessons from practice!

To learn more about the event and sign-up, please visit the NRC website.