EGOS Max Boisot Award for three SBE researchers

Jochem Hummel, Hans Berends and Philipp Tuertscher received the award for outstanding and innovative research into complex organizations and systems.

07/11/2018 | 5:07 PM

Jochem, Hans, and Philipp received the award for authoring the paper What do we have in common? Collective action among heterogeneous actors in a meta-organization. In this study, the authors report on a 7-year longitudinal study of the Helix Nebula initiative, a collaboration between 'Big Science' (CERN , EMBL, and ESA) and 'Big Business' (Atos, CloudSigma, T-Systems) for developing a cloud-computing infrastructure for science in Europe. The authors find that the development of common technical and non-technical components of a digital infrastructure includes crystallizing options in emergent collaborative groups. Over time, options and groups split up and get back together. This reconfiguring happens either with general consent or in dissent, to which development is alternating between serving the organizations' collective and individual interests.
Hummel, Berends and Tuertscher show that the connectedness of technical and non-technical elements in digital infrastructures results in developments, which serve individual interests, become part of making collective progress.

The EGOS Max Boisot award was given out by Ann Langley at the opening ceremony of the 2018 EGOS conference in Talinn, Estonia. The award includes a prize of 250 euros, which the authors will use to continue their study on the Helix Nebula initiative and Big Science collaborations.

Jochem Hummel, Hans Berends and Philipp Tuertscher work at the KIN Center of Digital Innovation at the Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam School of Business and Economics.