Operations Analytics

Dullaert, WoutVarious national and international studies list the Netherlands as one of the leading logistics regions in the world (see e.g. the worldbank International LPI Ranking). Given its strong position and the expected growth of international logistics, the Dutch government has formally identified logistics as being one of the country’s top sectors, resulting in the installation of a designated team in 2011 to stimulate the logistics sector. Together with industry and academia, the government aims at boosting the country’s leading position in managing national and international logistics flows and for hosting innovative shippers and logistics service providers. It goes without saying that this will be a strong impetus for the logistics (and operations) management labor market and academic research in these fields. 

The presence and support of ambitious mainports (Schiphol Airport, Port of Amsterdam), important retail and wholesale companies such as Ahold, the world’s largest flower auction Flora Holland, and the large number of corporate headquarters directly or indirectly involved in supply chain logistics services, have allowed our department to build a strong track record in education and in research. Based on our strong record in applied research we offer bachelor and master students the right academic and professional skills to manage supply chains that support the competitive strategy of both product and service oriented companies.

In the Bachelor's programme we focus on managing operational business processes and supporting decision making on transport, inventory, facility and information issues at company level. In the Master's programme in Transport and Supply Chain Management, we examine the interfaces of three or more companies cooperating in a supply chain setting and encourage students to tackle real-life supply chain problems.

Prof.dr. Wout Dullaert