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“Meet the challenges of the modern economy”

Managing information and knowledge to improve organizational processes and develop business is essential in the modern, digital economy. This thought is the key driver for all of our teaching at VU Amsterdam. KIN Research offers a complete array of educational programmes, minors, and courses, to educate and train students at various levels: undergraduate (bachelor), graduate (premaster and master), and postgraduate (PhD, professional, and executive). Through this we prepare our students for the challenges of the future.

"We train the students in such a way that they are able to translate what is happening both in the field of digital technology and in business, so they can form the much-needed bridge between business and technology"
prof. Marleen Huysman, Head of Department

KIN research contributes to Bachelor's, Master's and PhD programmes in Business Administration.   
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For more information about our education, contact Prof. Dr. Marleen Huysman


“Engage in organizing for digital innovation”

KIN Research teaches a number of courses related to Information & Knowledge Management (IKM) topics such as digital innovation, IS management and knowledge management, and research methods (primarily qualitative), in various three-year bachelor of science programmes. Business students can opt for International Business Administration (English) and Business Administration (Dutch) at the business and economics faculty, and informatics and science students can choose Business Analytics (English) and Science, Business & Innovation (Dutch) at the sciences faculty.
KIN Research also coordinates and contributes to a number of minors (click on the links below to learn more):

"I’m very intrigued by questions like: How do emerging technologies affect how people are doing their businesses, how they influence organizational forms and how they give birth to new ways of working"  
IKM Student Muliadi Hioe

“Meet the business challenges of the digital age”

We offer a one-year academic master's programme on Digital Business & Innovation (formerly called “Information & Knowledge Management”). It is fully taught in English by members of the KIN Research Group. We have used our experience to develop and refine the programme over a decade and constantly renew it, to ensure a perfect link to developments in industry, research, and society.
In the programme students explore how organizations can effectively use digital technologies to innovate their business processes, products, services, and business models. It focuses on the business opportunities and organizational consequences offered by a wide range of digital technologies, including cloud computing, 3D printing, robotics, internet-of-things, and ‘big data’ analytics. Students learn to function as a bridge between ‘digital technology’ and ‘business’. The programme has both an academic and a practical focus: the emphasis is on conducting research, often in collaboration, to solve managerial challenges. 
We also offer a specialization on Information & Knowledge Management in the two-year part-time MSc programme of Business Administration. This is primarily aimed at Dutch professionals who work in knowledge-intensive organizations in the service industry and have the ambition to become a manager or advisor. Both the part-time and full-time specializations have premaster programmes.

"It’s a small programme, which I really enjoyed and was what I was looking for. And teachers take you really seriously and they want to work with you. They try to engage you into their research and they try to make you work hard!"  
Natali Kuhn (student) 

As the importance of information, knowledge and digital technologies keeps growing for all organizations, and because we collaborate with our business partners during courses, there is a high demand for our graduates. Our alumni often engage in very successful careers as business consultant, IT consultant, business analyst, strategy consultant, project manager, social marketing consultant, knowledge manager, entrepreneur (starting a business), policy advisor, or PhD candidate, at either academic and other non-profit institutes or commercial organizations (e.g., ABN AMRO, Philips, eBay, IBM, Accenture, KPMG, TNT, Atos, Deloitte, Quint Redwood Wellington, KPN, Rabobank, PwC, Ordina, Capgemini and LinkIT).

"There was one course, and I found it at the time really challenging, where you had to criticize scientific articles. I developed a skill, that I now use in my current work as well, on how to be critical on things: how to think critically"  
Alumna Sophie Haverkamp, KMPG

More information 
If you want to know more about the full-time DBI specialization, please take a look at our promotional videos or contact Dr. Maura Soekijad (programme coordinator).
For the part-time programme you can contact drs. Frank Derksen (director part-time programme Business Administration).

"We found Stuvia, our company, during the masters, during a course in spring on E-business. The whole idea of knowledge sharing is the basis of what our company does!"  
Alumnus Jaap van Nes, CEO of Stuvia

Program name: Part-time Master of Science in Business Administration

Duration: 2 years

Accreditation: yes - NVAO accreditation

Language: Dutch

Total cost of the program: €19.000

Digital Business and Innovation track 

Digital technologies are changing the business world. New platforms such as Uber and Airbnb have strongly disrupted the transport and hotel sector. These platforms offer opportunities for new forms of value creation as well as potential to disrupt traditional industries. Established companies face the challenge of innovating for digital products and processes. What are the strategic consequences of such digital innovations? How can you manage digital innovation processes? Data may become a significant resource for companies' strategic advantage, and traditional professions are being replaced or enhanced by algorithms and robots. What will happen if you implement new technologies in existing complex systems and structures? What could digital innovation mean for how we work and collaborate?

Within the Digital Business and Innovation track of the part-time Masters program in Business Administration, you will study how to deal with these kinds of organizational challenges.

You will build on theoretical insights to develop the analytic skills needed to navigate the digital landscape with a sharp and critical eye. Staying with both feet on the ground in a business that is always on the move while being able to reap opportunities and knowing how to deal with the various challenges that will come on your way, is where the part-time Master of Science in Business Administration stands out.

Who is this program for?


The part-time Master of Science in Business Administration offers the necessary academic knowledge and skills to help you move forward in your career.  Completing this program will award you the title Master of Science in Business Administration which is often a prerequisite to take on a management and/or consultancy position.

Graduates can build on their broad academic expertise to excel in roles such as: (IT) consultant, innovation manager, business analyst, entrepreneur or researcher within a service organization.

Are you interested in the program? We would like to invite you to contact us for a personal interview!

Contact Details and more information 


If you have questions about the program or would like to schedule an interview you can contact:

Frank Derksen (Program Management)

Nicole Lijs (Student Support Officer)

Tel 020-598 6124


For more information on the program structure, admission criteria and overview on the staff, visit the official page of the Part-time MSc in Business Administration. Please note that the program is taught in Dutch.

“From student to scholar: A journey into the world of digitalisation”

KIN Research currently comprises of around ten PhD projects in various stages. PhD research is conducted under the Amsterdam Business Research Institute (ABRI) umbrella, where students will also receive their doctoral training at the Graduate School. A PhD researcher in the Netherlands mostly has a formal research position at a university; during their contract they will get a salary while working full time on their research project and often having (some) teaching obligations. Most of our PhD candidates also spend some time abroad in excellent schools with one of our research partners. 

KIN Research teaches a variety of courses for the graduate school, related to for instance qualitative research methods (including process research methods and computational/digital qualitative methods), PhD proposal writing, and research seminars. IKM related courses are offered in the new Research Master Business in Society, which is offered in preparation of a PhD position.
We also organize the KIN Summer School. 

Please contact us if you are interested in starting a (fully paid) PhD project at KIN Research, after you have graduated with a research master or MPhil, or if you want to join our research master/MPhil first (scholarships available!). Contact dr. Maura Soekijad (Director Doctoral Education ABRI Graduate School) for more information.

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