Prof. dr. C.T.M. Elbers

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school of business & economics ( economics )
Full Professor

Brief résumé

Professor Chris Elbers is the Desmond Tutu Chair Holder of the Faculty of Economics and Business Administration. He studied econometrics and mathematical economics at the University of Amsterdam in The Netherlands and obtained his doctoral degree from the VU University of Amsterdam. From 1984, he is a member of the Development Research Group in the Economics department at the VU University and as of 1994, he has been associate professor at the same university. The Development Research Group focuses on applied microeconomic research in developing countries, in particular countries in Sub-Sahara Africa. Chris Elbers is fellow of the European Union Development Network (EUDN), the Tinbergen Institute, and the Amsterdam Institute for International Development (AIID). His main research activities are in the fields of poverty measurement and impact evaluation.

Research activities

1. South Africa
2. Poverty Measurement and Estimation
3. Risk, Growth and Capital Accumulation
4. Impact Evaluation

Educational activities

In the academic year 2009-2010 I will be teaching the following courses.

MSc Economics:

Period 2: Micro for Development (with Remco Oostendorp and Jan Willem Gunning)

Period 4: Globalization, Growth and Development (with Jan Willem Gunning)


List of publications


Evaluation of Budget Support
The project aims at extending tools for the statistical evaluation of project impact to the evaluation of policy intervention at higher level, such as sectoral or general budget support to governments in developing countries.

Elbers, Chris, Jan Willem Gunning, and Kobus de Hoop: “Assessing Sector-wide Programs with Statistical Impact Evaluation: A Methodological Proposal”, World Development, 2008, DOI:10.1016/j.worlddev.2008.01.002.

Growth and Risk
The project studies the impact of risk on growth and investment at the micro level.

Key reference:
Elbers, Chris, Jan Willem Gunning, and Bill Kinsey: “Growth and Risk: Methodology and Micro Evidence”, World Bank Economic Review, 2007, Vol. 21 (1), p1-20.

Poverty Mapping
The project aims at developing tools for estimating standard of living indicators (on poverty and inequality) at low levels of spatial aggregation.

Key reference:
Elbers, Chris, Jean O. Lanjouw, and Peter Lanjouw: “Micro-level estimation of poverty and inequality”, Econometrica, 71(1), 2003, pp. 355-364.

Ancillary activities

Amsterdam Institute for international Development - Director Amsterdam, 01 januari 2013
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